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Skin Aging Factors IntroductionSkin Aging Factors

Most people complain about misuse of medication such as skin care creams or skin care lotions and natural traits when they find that their skin, especially those on the face are aging faster than others. These reasons can be valid but skin aging is normally being affected by our own day to day routine and our own lifestyle, which some crucial factors in it will cause accelerated skin aging.

Most people, especially women, want to seek a fast way out when facing with skin aging problems. They will start to enroll into different anti-aging skin care programs. They do not care what methods will be used to improve their skin condition and they just want fast results. This is an extremely risky move as such skin care programs may be harming your skin rather than improving your skin conditions.

Skin Aging Booster #1 The Sun

Unprotected skin, when exposed under the sun, will cause freckles on the skin to become ugly brown sun spots. Apart from this, the heat will also cause folded skin surface, wrinkles and of course, the fatal skin cancer.

Existing sun damage can be mitigated by getting a medical prescription from a skin doctor and one shall make sure that skin cancer is not an issue at the time of acquiring medication.

Applying sunscreen lotion or cream with a SPF rating of 15 or higher onto your exposed skin areas can help to reduce or completely avoid the penetration UV rays into your skin. Do remember that carrying an umbrella or going out during cloudy days do not reduce the exposure of your skin to the UV rays.Thus, sunscreen lotion shall always be applied whenever you are going outdoors.

Skin Aging Booster #2 Stress

When you are all stressed up, your body will be tense and the worrying will slowly lead to a situation where your facial skin muscles start to conform to your frequent facial movements. This is what encourages wrinkles and frown lines to appear on one’s face.

To help counter this cause of facial skin aging, you will need to keep bth your temper and stress at bay. Try not to be an emotional person. You can always try out various meditation, yoga, have a nice massage and even listening to soft music to relax yourself. With these, you will have skin aging symptoms kept to the minimum and stay young.


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