Sun Safety 101: Skin Self Exams

Fifteen minutes a month doesn’t sound like much, does it? Truth is, that’s all the time it takes to give yourself a thorough once-over to check for skin cancer. That adds up to only three hours a year! And the whole exam is as easy as “A-B-C-D.” Once a month, examine your body for moles and dark spots looking for the changes at left.

If you see these or other unusual skin changes, they could be early warning signs of skin cancer. Consult a specialist to get them checked out and to put your mind at ease.

Ask Your Doctor About Mohs Micrographic Surgery
One procedure, developed by dermatologic surgeons, used to remove more complicated skin cancers (for example, on the eyelid or side of the nose), or large, invasive, recurrent tumors is called Mohs micrographic surgery.

A Mohs surgeon using this technique removes multiple thin, horizontal layers of the cancer in a grid pattern, sending the samples to the lab for microscopic examination. The Mohs surgeon then examines the tissue under the microscope and if the surgeon finds any cancerous cells anywhere, the surgeon continues to remove layers of tissue until he or she can find no more evidence of cancer. The procedure is less invasive and treats skin cancers very effectively.


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