Experts’ advice on getting your ass in gear

The personal trainer, Kacy Duke

The one-month-to-a-great-butt workout from Kacy Duke

“It’s all about cross-training,” says Kacy Duke, whose rigorous workouts keep clients like Lenny Kravitz and Denzel Washington constantly guessing—but incredibly toned. “Alternating cardio and strength training is the ultimate way to rev up your metabolism.”

The workout:

“Do this consistently, 3-4 times a week, and you’ll see a big difference in your butt in a month,” says Duke. “Even after the first week, you’ll feel things tightening up.”

• Jumping rope: “It’s the best, fastest way to lean out—and you can do it anywhere,” says Duke. For maximum results, she recommends interval training: 4 sets hgfhfgy765of jumping rope for 30 seconds to one minute, followed by 12 push-ups. “You don’t have to be a pro to jump rope,” says Duke whose clients are often apprehensive at first. “Just keep a steady pace. Jump on your toes, keep your arms close to your body, and the turning action in your wrists.”

• Squats: “These really work,” says Duke. “But form is everything—you’ve got to lead with your hips, like you’re sitting down.” Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your arms at your sides. Sit back and keep the weight in your heels—pressing through your toes increases the risk of hyperextending the knees. Do 3 sets of 8-12 squats.

• Leg lifts: “Old-school, but they really hit the butt,” says Duke. Using a towel or mat to support your knees, get down on your elbows and knees. With your foot flexed and leg bent at a 90-degree angle, raise your leg up and down 8-12 times. Do 3 sets on each leg. “Make sure to contract your abs so your back doesn’t move,” says Duke. “That way, you’re really using your butt muscles.” Leg lifts can also be done standing—hold on to a chair for support and lift your leg back and forth.

• Hamstring curls: “Weight training is absolutely essential to sculpt your body,” says Duke. “Curls are a great way to get that separation between the butt and upper thigh.” The amount of weight you use depends on your skill level. Choose an amount that is challenging but light enough to complete 3 sets of 12-15 repetitions.

• Dead lifts: “Amazing for toning the area right under the butt,” says Duke. She recommends using a 12-15 lb. body bar or 5-8 lb. free weights in each hand. Keeping your back and legs straight and your arms hanging down straight in front of you, bend from the waist. Squeeze the butt and the abs as you roll up. Do 3 sets of 12-15.

The nutritionist, Oz Garcia

For Oz Garcia, the word diet has only one definition: high protein, low carbs

“Flour is not your friend,” says Oz Garcia, a New York-based nutritional consultant who prescribes his ultra-strict regimens to everyone from Winona Ryder to Veronica Webb. His no-bread, no-pasta ultimatums are too hard-core for some, but the results are worth it. “The change in your body is dramatic when you simply eliminate it,” he says.

• “Heavy starches cause the body to hold on to weight by stimulating insulin production which, in turn, causes the body to store fat. Proteins do just the opposite—they stimulate the hormone glucagon, which regulates insulin levels and enables the body to release fat. The key to it all is eliminating or reducing flour, wheat, and starch. That means little or no pasta, bagels, muffins, cake, or wheat-based cereals.
• “Substitute bread and pasta with 1-2 cups of high quality, low glycemic carbs—rice, squash, yams, wax potatoes—into your diet every day. Your body does need some carbohydrates for fuel. Cooked vegetables, like asparagus and broccoli, and high quality spinach or mesclun salads will fill in the rest of the carbs your body needs.
The Diet
“This diet works for everyone*,” says Garcia, who advises his clients to eat red meat at least twice a week and fish, chicken, or turkey on the other days. “And remember to drink a lot of water,” he says.

– 2 scrambled eggs with feta or mozzarella cheese or vegetables
– 1 cup cottage cheese with berries

– Tuna nicoise salad—”A phenomenal combination of protein, greens, and olive oil,” says Garcia.

– Broiled chicken with wax potatoes and grilled or boiled vegetables

Dessert/Snack(choose one):
– yogurt
– Rye crackers with feta cheese
– Power Bar or Atkins Bar

* Everyone who can stick to it!

• “Increase the amount of high quality, lean protein in your diet. Have 4-5 servings each week of tuna, halibut, mahi-mahi, or swordfish. The omega 3 fatty acids in the fish really help weight loss by encouraging the body to release fat.

• “Stay away from starchy fruits like bananas and fruit juices which, with the exception of grapefruit juice, are full of sugar. Instead, eat 1-2 cups of berries—like strawberries, raspberries, blackberries—each day.

• “Choose your snacks carefully. A banana and a muffin are dangerous—they raise insulin levels and move your body’s fat storage equipment into action. A hard-boiled egg or a few slices of turkey is a much better choice. Both have a neutral effect on insulin and allow the body to release fat.”


The plastic surgeon, Sherrell Aston

The plastic surgeon:
If you’re low on patience and have the cash, you can’t beat liposuction to get your butt in shape—fast

“Some areas, like saddlebags, are really difficult to exercise off,” says Dr. Sherrell Aston, a Manhattan-based plastic surgeon who keeps both New York City royalty and Hollywood A-listers looking forever young. “Liposuction will do three things: make your thighs look longer from the back, contour the butt into a nice round shape, and reduce the overall volume of your butt.”

But there’s considerable recovery involved: a few days of post-op soreness, three weeks of bruising, and approximately three months of swelling. “Pain is not a big issue,” says Dr. Aston who describes the soreness as more uncomfortable than painful. Nonetheless, you won’t be hitting the beach the day after.

The dermatologist, Dr. Fredric Brandt

The dermatologist:
From acne to stretch marks, Dr. Fredric Brandt has seen everything. Better yet, he can make it all go away
“Anything that affects the face—acne, clogged pores, and pigment problems—can also affect the butt,” says Dr. Fredric Brandt who keeps his Miami and Manhattan clients thong-worthy all year long. His best advice? Take care of the skin on your butt the same way you do your face.

• “Acne on the butt is very common, especially in the summer when the weather heats up. There are a lot of oil glands in that area and more sweat means more clogged pores, more blemishes. Treatment is simple: Using a topical antibiotic solution, like Cleocin (by prescription only), or astringents or creams with salicylic acid—such as my Fresh Tone or Beta Beauty Crème—once or twice a day is usually all it takes to clear up most breakouts. Products containing glycolic acid, like my Intensive 15 with Alpha-Hydroxy, can also be used to keep extremely oily skin under control.
Fresh Tone 2

• “Although salicylic and glycolic acids exfoliate the skin, extra measures are sometimes needed to keep skin smooth and flake-free. Use an exfoliating sponge, like a Buff Puff, over rough areas, or try a cleanser with not-too-abrasive granules, such as my Liquid Loofah. I recommend exfoliating all year round to keep skin looking its best, but if nothing else, definitely start one to two months before bathing suit season and continue throughout the summer.

• “Stretch marks, caused by anything from pregnancy to weight loss to genetics, are more difficult to treat. For mild cases, I use a combination of Retin-A and topical vitamin C to stimulate collagen production. If the problem is more severe, microdermabrasion or laser treatments (see What the Pros Know: Facials) may be necessary. All of these treatments must be done at least six months prior to any sun exposure—removal of the superficial layers of skin leaves the area more sensitive to the sun.

• “Hyperpigmentation on the butt may be the result of several things: acne, rashes, even insect bites. You can treat them topically with bleaching creams or gels containing hydroquinone or more invasively with chemical peels (see What the Pros Know: Facials). Again, peels must be done six months prior to sun exposure to allow ample time for the skin to heal.”


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