Pose of squatting

Yoga postures – Pose of squatting

The first yoga option. Stand up straight. Legs slightly apart. Going up on the toes, take a deep breath, then start to lower torso, and exhaling slowly, so that in the Pose of squattingend you sit on your heels. Slowly lift to the starting position, keeping your back straight.

The second yoga option. Do the same thing, but without lifting your heels off the floor. Then sit back on his heels, and the buttocks should almost touch the floor, the body slightly bent forward, belly pressed against the thighs.

The third yoga option is much more difficult: you have to squat, keeping your feet together and lifting your heels off the floor. Repeat any of the three variants of three or four times, or do all three at once. Then lie down and do some exercise time on a deep breath.

If your knees are inflexible, and you can not lower the body to “squat”, start training, holding the handle of the door (open the door and hold the handles on both sides of it). You can keep the arms heavy chair at the piano, bed, couch, etc. – for any support that will support your weight and not fall down on you. Gradually crouch lower and lower, making the light springy movement. After a few days you will already be able to squat much better. This position gives the flexibility of sedentary and bad knees, facilitates lumbago and cures backache. Practicing this pose easily climb up the stairs. She is also a good exercise for skiers and climbers.

But all this is not the main reason for learning this position. Need to learn how to perform it for better detoxification. The very nature of this prompted us to pose as the best body position in the derivation of degradation products and impurities, the spine is slightly tilted forward, and hips pressed against her stomach. It may well be that it is the toilets with high potty chair, used everywhere, are responsible for the increase in the numbers suffering from poor performance of bowel and constipation. And this, in its echered directly or indirectly leads to disorders of the functions of other organs and other diseases.

In the words of a famous surgeon, the late Sir W. A. ​​Lane: “There is only one disease – it is constipation, incomplete bowel cleansing, which leads to poisoning of the body decay products.” Not being completely removed from the body of poisonous substances in slowly begin to undermine our health and ultimately destroy it.

Incidentally, India and Japan, toilets are built at ground level. The exception in this respect is just for houses for foreigners.

Being not very aesthetic topic, the question, however, is essential for our well-being, and therefore they should not be ignored or put off jokes.

This was the last pose for the first week of classes. Get acquainted with the rest as soon as next.


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