Exercise rocking

Yoga postures – Exercise “rocking”

Let’s start with exercises that strengthen the nervous system. It helps to overcome drowsiness and stiffness – the feeling is often experienced in the morning Exercise rockingafter waking up. It will give you a good feeling of cheerfulness, which is achieved in this exercise, a good massage the spine. This exercise will make your spine flexible and maintain its elasticity and youthful. Yogis say, “You can wriggle out of old age as long as you have a strong and flexible spine.” “Rocking” to improve and strengthen your sleep.

“Rocker” – a very simple exercise, and after a few days, you can do it easily and freely, regardless of your age, flexibility, and even weight loss.


Sit on the edge of the mat so that the back does not hit the hard floor. Pull your knees and lower your head. Place your hands under your knees. Can connect them locked or not: first do as you feel more comfortable. Rounding the back swing, back and forth, back and forth fast, forward movement, similar to the movements of rocking chairs.

Do not straighten your spine, when you roll the back, and then you will find yourself lying on your back and not be able to roll forward. Do not try to swing slowly, at least at first.

Here’s another tip: when you lean back straighten your knees, and when you lean forward bend them sharply. Do not stop after rolling back, and keep doing the translational motion. Otherwise, you can “get stuck”.

On the first day you show yourself awkward and clumsy, even, perhaps, will be afraid to lose your balance and fall. Do not forget that you are on the floor, so can hardly fall somewhere. A few days later, when you get used to the rocking may love it and enjoy its restorative and invigorating effect. Make sure that your back all the time was rounded and his head tilted forward, or you can bump your head on the floor when moving back and never want to do this exercise, which could become your favorite.

On the second or third day, may try to combine rocking with deep breathing. Breathe when moving back and exhale, returning forward. Make sure that the back of the clothes you do not have buttons, zippers, hooks or buttons to avoid unpleasant or painful sensations.


Do this exercise 4-6 times, then lie down and relax to restore breathing and lying on the floor a few deep breaths.


Exercise “rocking” stimulates the flow of nervous energy that passes through the spinal canal, and establishes a better connection between the central nervous system and the whole body.


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