Cobra pose

Yoga postures – Cobra pose

Lie on your stomach, and the chin should touch the floor (or rather, the mat), both hands pressed to the floor (mat) on the chest. Elbows bent and laid to the Cobra poseside, feet together, toes extended.

Now, taking a deep breath, slowly raise your head, then shoulders, chest and upper torso, lower abdomen should remain on the floor. Hold your breath and flexes the spine as long as you feel a strong contraction in the lower back. Do not straighten your elbows, hands should be bent. Hold this position a few seconds, then start exhaling, gradually lower the body until the chin touches the floor again. Repeat one more time and relax.

Time. Allow position 2 sec., Gradually increasing the time to 10 seconds. Repeat two to seven times, up once every 14 days.


Cobra pose has a beneficial effect on the adrenal glands, hard supplying them with blood. It is also recommended for back pain caused by overwork or forced long standing. This posture is correct spine curvature and tones sympathetic nerves. It is particularly useful for women suffering disabilities or diseases of the uterus and ovaries. Cobra pose regulates heat exchange in the body and prevents the accumulation of gas in the intestines.


Caving, not make any sudden movements, as this may cause injury of the back muscles. Sags slowly, gradually, simulating motion snake or a sphinx pose. When you finish this exercise, you should relax, his knees drawn up to her chest and arching his back. In this position, the back muscles are well relaxed after exertion.


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