condition of my skin

Test “condition of my skin”

Our skin reacts literally everything we do in life. Frequent lack of sleep, smoking, frequent exposure to the sun, the wrong facial often condition of my skinlead to undesirable result for us. We offer you a test that will help to know the true condition of your skin.

1. If some nut skin under the eyes, it is:

a. immediately regains its shape;

b. restored, but not immediately;

a. takes its shape after more than 5 seconds.

2. The skin under the eyes is shade:

a. pale;

b. pink;

a. bluish.

3. Accidental injury hands

a. you have a small bruise;

b. bruise much more than might be expected;

a. no consequences.

4. When you dye your lips

a. lipstick falls unevenly, accumulates in the cracks of the lips;

b. evenly distributed on the lips;

a. quickly “eaten up”, as your lips dry with wrinkles.

5. You compare yourself with old photographs. Your lips:

a. look exactly the same;

b. become a little thinner;

in. changed corners of her mouth drooped.

6. Lie on your back and head. Look in the mirror:

a. no change in the condition of your skin does not have;

b. cheeks a little “shifted” to the eyes;

a. skin around the eyes gathered in wrinkles.

7. In the morning, your skin:

a. rough and dry;

b. pull off;

a. soft and gentle.


8. After the removal of make-up:

a. your skin is dry and irritated;

b. pull off;

a. hard for you to remove make-up because of enlarged pores and wrinkles


9. If you pinch the skin on the back of his hand:

a. there was a small red spot, which immediately disappears;

b. skin “back in place” very slowly;

a. you can not do that, because the skin is very elastic.

10. When you apply make-up:

a. it does not cause any difficulties;

b. had to use a lot of tonal concealers;

a. you just need to use a concealer, mascara smeared on overhanging eyelids.

11. When you look up:

a. your forehead is smooth;

b. formed small horizontal lines;

a. there are wrinkles.

12. The skin on your neck:

a. with a lot of dark spots;

b. wrinkled and slightly darker skin;

a. elastic, smooth and uniform, with no wrinkles.

13. The upper part of the chest:

a. supple, velvety, smooth color;

b. a network of fine wrinkles;

a. different color and heterogeneous in structure.

Count the Points

1 and – 0 b – 1 in – 2
2 and – 1 b – 0 in – 2
3 and – 1 b – 3 in – 0
4 and – 2 b – 0 in – 1
5 and – 0 b – 1 in – 3
6 and – 0 b – 4 in – 2
7 and – 1 b – 0 in – 0
8 and – 2 b – 0 in – 3
9 and – 1 b – 2 in – 0
10 and – 0 b – 2 in – 1
11 and – 0 b – 1 in – 2
12 and – 1 b – 2 in – 0
13 and – 0 b – 1 in – 3



Type 1: 0-10 points  

Your skin is in perfect condition, it is fresh, smooth and elastic. Do you have a smooth and soft complexion. You look good even without makeup.

To preserve the beauty and freshness, the following points.

In the morning

  • Wipe face and neck with cleansing milk and lotion. Use liquid soap for washing or its substitutes (gels).
  • Do not forget to put on the face or any other moisturizing day cream, containing a sun protection factor (SPF).
  • Do not abuse the make-up, the more so trendy makeup prefers natural colors. Give up the foundation, use a light transparent loose powder and a matte lipstick, which contain sunscreen.

In the evening before going to bed

  • Remove make-up, wipe your face with lotion or tonic.
  • Apply a moisturizing or nourishing cream, but be sure to remove the remains of his cloth and rinse with mild (purified or acidified) of warm water. At night, your skin needs to rest and take air baths.

Type 2: 11-21 points

On your skin, there are small wrinkles, it is a little sluggish, lacks moisture. Most likely, you have caused damage to the skin, too much time in the sun. Now, when the wrinkles around the eyes and lips began to form only and your skin gradually began to grow old, you have to take appropriate measures in order to slow down this process and stay young for many years.

Stick to our advice.

In the morning

  • Washing up, use only liquid soap or gel for your skin type.
  • Clean the skin with milk and tonic with a low alcohol content.
  • Make sure to apply under the day cream with SPF.
  • Use light a foundation that contains components for skin and loose powder with sun screen filters.
  • On the beach, use sunscreen with a high protection factor (15-20).
  • Regularly take vitamin C in fruits and tablets.

In the evening before going to bed

  • Always remove your makeup with cleansing milk, moisturizing lotion or tonic (for very dry skin).
  • Use moisturizing creams.
  • Before going to sleep, do not forget to apply a nourishing cream night and wash it off.
  • From time to time to do a deep cleaning of the face (cream, peeling or scrubbing mask).
  • The weekend treat skin nourishing mask.
  • Try creams with alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) fruit-based.

Type 3: 22-31 points  

Apparently, you do not care for their skin, spend a lot of time in the sun and “earned” a lot of wrinkles. Your skin has lost its elasticity and grow old – especially around the mouth and under the eyes. Even when you smile, vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows are profound. However, this is a sad testimony of age should not stop you – you have to start the fight against aging and their own laziness, using special cosmetic techniques. Believe me: never too late to learn good skills in skin care products. The proposed course aims at the restoration of its collagen layer support hydro-lipid balance and improving the overall appearance.

In the morning

  • Washing up only soft water, use soap and gels.
  • Apply moisturizer and foundation makeup.
  • Carefully choose quality makeup, appropriate for your skin type (foundation, powder, lipstick).
  • Use sunscreen.
  • Take plenty of vitamins (especially vitamin C).

In the evening before going to bed

  • Remove makeup with cleansing agents.
  • Use a moisturizing and nourishing creams with vitamin C, collagen, a complex of AHA.
  • Do nutritional and cleansing mask.


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