Lovely Lips

If you invest tons of time and money in skin care – then you should also give extra care for your lips. Just as you would apply SPF on the rest of your body, put207935_f260 on some protective and healing balms on your lips. (You can still use your non-SPF signature lipstick; just always start with a base of SPF lip balm.)

Our lips are the most sensitive part of our skin. Notice how it dries, chaps, and bleeds due to cold weather or too much heat before anything else? Get yourself a bottle of Vitamin E oil or lip balm with Vitamin E to heal the lips aside from regular windburn or sunburn prevention. It will heal and also protect your lips from more serious conditions such as cancer. Plus, it will also prevent the signs of lip aging.

If your lips feel flaky, then it’s probably a reminder to exfoliate them. Much like the need to scrub out dead skin while you shower. Just give your lips a good scrubbing (with your toothbrush) after brushing. (If you can brush your gums, why not your lips?) Be sure to follow it with moisturizing. Aside from Vitamin E, you can also use glycerin-based balms, which will help lips retain moisture and stay hydrated.

You might also want your lips to go more than just being soft, clean, and ultra-smooth. – There’s nothing wrong with adding a little shimmer. Find the best lip gloss product for you, or better yet, make your own…


You need: ¼ cup beeswax, ¼ cup castor oil (from the drugstore), 2 tbsps sesame oil (from the grocery), beet juice (optional), and double boiler

Use the top part of the double boiler to melt beeswax. Remove from heat and add oils. Add as much beet juice as desired for color. Store in jar. Transfer a small portion to a purse sized container for use when away from home. Any favorite essential oil may be added for fragrance. Test on a small part of your lips for 5 minutes to test against irritants before use.

My recommended lipsticks or tinted gloss…

For some flowery sheer glowy effect: Estée Lauder Pure Color Lipstick, Midnight Rose

For a little sexier, yet still fresh glowy lips (just a shade-deeper than your natural): Chanel 4 Camelias De Chanel, Roses

To capture a pale light shade, yet sultry lips: Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss, Apricot

To have a slick sheer, peachy-nude kind of pale yet glossy effect: MAC Lip-gloss, Illicit

Get a warm tomato-ey glossy red lips with: Stila Lip Glaze, Strawberry

Get that Hollywood glam rich red lips with: Pout Bow Belles, Beloved or Make Up Forever Aqua Lip, in 8C

So there you go, soft and smooth lips, dewy and glossy… What else is missing? – Oh – Poutier and plumper. Lip plumping balms do work in general. This is because they have irritating agents that work on the delicate skin of the lips causing them to swell just a bit hence appearing plumper than usual. It’s not dangerous, as long as you find the product that doesn’t irritate too much or cause too much ‘burning’ on your lips – depending on your lip’s level of toleration.

Lastly, while it’s good enough to reveal your lips’ natural beauty just by enhancing (and maintaining) its softness and smoothness, it may also help adding a little color (preferably something close to your lips’ natural color) in order to complement your clothes (or mask pale lips ‘cause of cold weather or nerves).

* No need to use lip liner when you’re using lighter shades or just gloss. And to make you lipstick last longer, apply lip balm first (to nourish lips and hold foundation) and then foundation (so that that your lips aren’t ‘watery’ hence – easily-washed-off lipstick).

*Finally, don’t let anything else spoil all the care and revamping you gave your lips. Control the related turn-offs and try these extras:


You need: 2 tbsp dried lemon or orange rind, ¼ cup baking soda, 2 tsp salt

Place rinds in food processor, grind until peel becomes a fine powder. Add baking soda and salt then process a few seconds more until you have a fine powder.

Store in an airtight jar. Dip toothbrush with toothpaste into mixture and brush as usual.


Just chew fresh parsley, rosemary, or eucalyptus and your breath will be sweeter than ever without the use of cheap gums or getting candy cavities.


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