Lemon juice skin whitening

Lemon juice and brown sugar for skin whitening

There are some people who want to get a more darker skin and there are some people who want to whiten their skin face. For those who try to find ways to Lemon juice skin whiteningwhiten their skin face, let me tell you that ther are a lot of options you could try and you have to try in order to be sure you do the right thing for you. As I know, from my grandmother, lemon is good for a skin whitening thing, but you can’t use it alone for a couple of days and expect for miracles – you have to try some recipes (I’ll keep you in touch in below) and you may also see a dermatologist in order to be sure you check the best thing for your face and don’t do things from your mind, things that could have some negative effects on your skin. There are also people that say that this is risky and if you put to much lemon on your face and have sunburn problems, then you could have more problems that you could imagine. It’s better to make the best decision about all this stuff and don’t just get the first thing like lemon or brown sugar on your face if you think it does not work.

Lemon juice skin whitening

   The thing about lemon juice is that it can have one of the effects that you do not want to – it does not only whiten your skin, it can brighten your skin to, you can have problems from the sun and so on. But, before you go to a dermatologist (or you see one – it’s better to have a specialized advice before getting something on your face, thinking that you could have acne or other nasty stuff you do not want to mess with), you should see/check that there are more things you could try in order to whiten your skin. You could try lemon juice, but besides lemon juice there are a lot of combinations you could do or ask the doctor, in order to have the best thing for you.

Lemon juice combinations

With it you could make a homemade bleach, here are a few recipes you could try/use/check or do a little research in order to see if they are good for something not, most of them I’ve asked, know from my grandparents or neighbors that know stuff about this – traditional and herbal stuff always works when you have less money and you need faster results:

  • there is said that lemon juice and honey (mixed together) could be used for a sensitive skin, not to get the acid from the lemon juice directly on your skin because you could have some sort of problems – an acid on your face is going to prone you to large pores or other nasty stuff you do not want, you need to protect yourself so be careful, also be careful about the sun burns and stuff while you have that lemon juice in your skin. Also, brown spots are a thing that could be given to you because of this juice/treatment and you staying to much in the sun – protect yourself and do not let this type of things to happen to you.
  • turmeric is also a good thing to choose/mix with honey or lemon juice, limes and stuff – they are natural bleachers and they could help your skin very much, it also depends on your skin, the results depends.
  • cucumber juice – as you know (or you may have seen in movies) there are a lot of ladies and not only, who have a lot of masks or cucumber pieces on their faces, before going to sleep. Cucumber juice is good for your skin and in some situations it could lighten your skin and make it brighter.

Brown sugar skin whitening

There are also people who have things like brown (Latina) complexion and because of this they could do have some real problems. In this case brown sugar, honey, outmeal, lemon juice and so on, are going to help you with the real deal. There are a lot of things and recipes with brown sugar and I’ll be trying to get a couple of them in order to test and tell you more.

Here is another thing you could use in order to whiten your skin (for real):

  • lemon juice
  • brown sugar
  • aloe vera – reduce pain, it’s also good for kidney stones – so it’s good for your health.
  • oats


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