Hatha yoga - Morning awakening

Hatha yoga – Morning awakening

We will start from the moment you wake up, open your eyes and you’re going to get up. First of all, learn to wake up properly, first stretch. Stretch arms several Hatha yoga - Morning awakeningtimes, stretch legs and whole body. While you are still in bed, do the following exercise in tensile legs together, stretched out, touching each other, and now start to pull your right leg, keeping it from the mattress, as if you wanted to make it longer. Stretching will be felt from the hip down, and the leg as it is extended by a few centimeters. Hold your foot in this position until the count to 60, then relax, allowing the right leg “equalize” the left. Do the same with the left foot.

This exercise stretches the spine, tones the sympathetic nerves and has a rejuvenating effect on the entire body. Since this is a very strenuous exercise, which affects nerve plexus, care must be taken not to “overdo”: 60 sec. for each leg – is the maximum. However, if you like, you can repeat this exercise in the evening. If you have too soft mattress, do not do this exercise in bed. Just as you do other exercises on the floor, start with him. Incidentally, if you want to avoid the morning pain or feeling tired in the back, do not sleep on soft mattresses. Buy a hard or soft sheet under the board. Try to get some sleep so a week, and you will feel better.

Still very important to remember that one can not “jump” out of bed, even if you take your time, as this nervous system may get a shock. Give yourself some time to get back into this world on the threshold of another. Let’s return will be slow and gradual. Give your body time to “change the speed.”

Animals fed us a good example of natural behavior. Watch a dog or cat. If there is no danger or any other emergency, they never did not immediately jump up from sleep, and for a while yawning and stretching, before slowly climb the legs. Imitate them.

When you finally get up from bed, drink a glass of room temperature water (no ice). Drink water when you brush your teeth and clean the tongue scraper or a special cloth. Language, as we may recall, is a barometer that shows the status of your intestinal tract. Bright red tongue indicates a net tract, and fur is negative. If you have just such (ie taxation) language, it would be good to take advantage cleansing diet or a few days popostitsya to be cleansed of all impurities and toxins that accumulate in your body. We’ll talk about that later, but now back to the exercises.

As mentioned above, they should be performed on an empty stomach to empty the bladder and, if possible, intestines. Put to practice a minimum of clothing, making sure that what you are wearing, free and comfortable. You should not wear belt, bra, and nothing that would have embarrassed the movement. You can engage in socks, if you feet were freezing.


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