Exercises for neck

Hatha yoga – Exercises for neck

Sit on the floor, cross your legs and place your hands on your knees. If you prefer to sit on a chair, take a hard chair, otherwise it will be difficult to keep your Exercises for neckback straight, and this is very important. Relax the whole body. You have to feel it only from the neck up, everything else remains fixed and so relaxed, as if you were sitting in water up to his neck.

1. Now close your eyes and gentle motion to drop the head forward, then back, and then back and forth.

To start making exercise four times. Later, you can increase the number to six or more times. Throwing back her head back, relax your facial muscles. With this movement of the head mouth slightly ajar.

2. Performing a second exercise, turn your head as far to the right, return it to its original position, then turn as far to the left and back. Repeat four times. When moving to the side of the head neck muscles contract, on returning to the natural state of the muscles relax.

3. Performing a third exercise, you tilt your head to the right, as if someone was pulling your right ear to your right shoulder. Then straighten your head, tilt it to the left shoulder. And so, repeat four times.

When tilting the head toward the shoulder or lift or tilt the head back. From the forward position, it must bend to almost horizontal. Otherwise, muscle tension is too weak. Tension should be felt strongly the left side of the neck by tilting the head to the right and the right side is tilted to the left.

4. The following exercise resembles the motion turtle. Need to pull the neck as far as possible and then “remove” it back. In this exercise, you make a sliding movement chin forward, as if you wanted to lengthen the neck, pulling

chin as far as possible. The voltage will be felt behind and on either side of the neck, between the ears, as well as the middle. Repeat four times.

5. Fulfilling the fifth exercise, do the same movements that you make by checking the elasticity of your neck. Drop your head forward and feel what it was heavy and lifeless. Slowly roll your head clockwise. Repeat

it several times. Do the same counterclockwise motion as many times. Do not strain your back and shoulders, let’s head hangs relaxed, like a sleeping child, or as a man who drank too much.

At the end of the last exercise pat his neck with both hands (back of the hand) on the sides and under the chin. Palm and fingertips pat his neck from behind. Everyday these exercises ease tension in your neck and keep them flexible. These exercises are a good prevention of double chin (if there is such a tendency), they also reinforce the vision, which is enhanced by the fact that the optic nerves are enhanced blood flow.


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