Exercises for eyes

Hatha yoga – Exercises for eyes

Get to sit in the same position. Open your eyes and check your posture. Back straight? Hands on your knees? The body is relaxed? Keep your head straight?Exercises for eyes

But in this situation you have to stay until doing exercise for the eyes. The whole body moving, nothing moves except the eyes.

Now raise your eyes and look to stop at any point, you can see, not straining, not blinking, and, of course, without turning his head. Performing the exercise, look at this point every time look up.

Lower your eyes and look for any point on the floor, you can clearly see by looking down. Look at it every time you drop your eyes. Breathing should be natural (ie, not deep).

1. (A) Lift your eyes and look at the top point of your choice.

(B) Lower your eyes and look at the low point of your choice.

Repeat four times. Close your eyes and get some rest.

2. Now do the same thing with a point, the left and right at eye level. Can serve as a guide raised his index fingers or pencils that you keep both sides at a distance so that you can clear them

see without straining, looking from right to left.

Keeping the fingers at eye level and moving only the eyes, look right, then left. Repeat four times. Blink a few times, close your eyes and relax.

3. Now select the point where you look, looking up and pushing them to the right, then the other, looking down and pushing them to the left, half-closed eyelids.

Do not forget to keep their usual posture: straight back, hands on his knees, his head set straight and motionless. Look at the selected point in the upper right corner, then the point in the lower left corner.

Repeat four times. Blink a few times. Close your eyes and relax.

4. The next exercise is not recommended earlier than 3-4 days after the start of the course. This slow rotation of the eyes first clockwise, then counterclockwise. As follows: Lower your eyes and look at the floor, then

slowly turn the eyes to the left, up and up, until you see the ceiling. Now continue turning to the right, down, down until you see the floor again. Eyes slowly describing a full circle, blink, close your eyes and relax. Do the same with the rotation of the eyes counterclockwise.

5. We turn to the exercise of a ‘variable review. ” Performing it, you look alternately transfer from the near to the far point, and so several times. Pen or finger touch the tip of the nose. Then slide your finger on the minimal distance at which the image is clear, does not run and double. Now slightly lift your eyes and look into the distance at some point you also see clearly. Now look to the near point – a pencil or your finger – and then move to the far point of view. Repeat several times, blink, close your eyes and tightly.

6. Now consider the exercise to be performed with the palms. It helps maintain good vision and, in addition, has a positive, calming effect on the nervous system.

Remained sitting on the floor. Pull up to his knees, feet slightly apart, keeping your feet on the floor. Quickly rub the palm of one another, so to charge them with electricity. Place the palm of your hand over the closed eyes. While his right hand are on the left (crosswise) and pressed to his forehead. Elbows rest on his knees raised, so that the neck is straight. Do not tilt the head forward. Breathe deeply to the previously described system. If you want to extend this exercise more than a few minutes, better sit down at the table, put a pillow in front of few books and lean on their elbows, so that the neck to remain straight and continue to exercise in this position.

If exercise is not prolonged, deep breathing can last 30 seconds. Little by little, week by week sessions, this time can be increased.


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