Bigger Bust

Bigger Bust Exercise

Let’s face it. – Breast size is among the more important things that a guy looks for in a woman. Science would say that it’s explainable – that bust size is actually Bigger Bustan image of a woman’s fertility – the one thing that a guy is actually looking for. A girl with big breast, hence more fertile is the the best mate to pass on and share his genes with. So hoping for bigger breasts is normal. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s perfectly normal to find the best ways to attain larger breasts.

Hollywood speaking, bigger breasts can’t just be attained by celebrity spending on surgery, on breast implants – “boob job.” the trend is not just costly, it’s dangerous, and painful! And aside from fake paddings or uncomfortable gel bras, the natural way could be the best way, and it’s easy. There are three most known tips to increase your cup size naturally:

  1. Exercise. This increases the muscle area around your breasts hence lifting or pushing your busts outwards. There are a lot of ways to do this: 1) Swinging your arms clockwise and then counter-clockwise, 2) Doing push-ups, 3) Pushing against the wall (without bending elbows), or 4) Holding two dumbells in front of you (arms extended) and doing butterflies out to your sides.
  2. (Open) Sesame. It may also be a magic word for breast enlargement. Eat sesame seeds more often. Better yet, massage sesame oil to your breasts upwards and in circular motions. Sesame is a proven source of calcium and protein – other things that boost the boobs’ size aside from fats.
  3. Pills. Contraceptive pills introduce hormones to the body – hormones that stimulate and cause swelling of the breasts. Much like what happens to breast-feeding moms – changed hormones, breast size, and who also happen to be more un-receptive to conceiving).

These are among the safest ways you could try (compared to other methods or products). Remember, if anything goes wrong, or if you find suspicious effects to your body – stop, even better – consult your doctor.

Over all there’s no harm in trying these. Big breasts doesn’t only increase your potentials for finding a mate. It increases confidence too.


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