Beauty Secrets geisha or maiko

Beauty Secrets geisha or maiko

White face, eyebrows and eyes covered with black and dark red paint, crimson lips. All this is typical makeup – the most recognizable element of a maiko, orBeauty Secrets geisha or maiko geisha. This was not always the case. Many people believe that a person has become a geisha whitewash when Japanese travelers returning from Europe, talked about “white beautiful faces.” Others argue that the birthplace of the make-up – China, where such persons were painted royals.

Heian ladies and women closest to the time we used to get white skin means one of two things: rice flour or white lead, which are pre-diluted with water. Eyebrows were removed with forceps, and then in their place drew broad, false and straight eyebrows, located high on the forehead. Painted lips juice safflower.

If we compare the geisha with a courtesan in the era of haya, they distinguish some elements: kimono geisha in discreet colors, and have a courtesan wearing bright clothes . Geisha made ​​themselves simple hairstyle with minimal use of different decorations and applied light makeup . In this instruction, limiting the geisha only worked in their favor. Geisha was the embodiment of iki – quiet chic. At the same time, the courtesans, who used a very bright makeup now claimed as unfashionable.

After that, for many years there has been a lot of changes and a geisha, courtesans who looked at once down, began to do almost the same make-up as well as they have. Today – it is a distinctive feature, namely, a geisha in a kimono with a particular hairstyle.

Maiko hairstyle made ​​using kandzasi (hair ornaments created from silk or light metal, usually decorated with seasonal motifs) are reminiscent of a young age. Kandzasi emerged when many Japanese women instead of straight long hair (taregami) began to do hair (Nihongo). Maiko change such jewelry every month. Flowers swaying in the wind – a symbol of maiko.

Ofuku hairstyle is often used geisha and maiko, she looks like a chopped peach and sealed triangular silk ribbon. This hairstyle is very sexy, but at the time the change occurred after the hair loss of virginity.


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