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Asian whitening facial tips

One of the most important thing in our society, for all the people, is to feel beautiful again and because of that many of them try a lot of things, just like skin whitening facialwhitening, teeth whitening and a lot of stuff (trying to get rid of acne on their face and things like that), in order to fulfill their dreams and things that they really want to happen to them. There are a lot of people who want a darker skin (there are just to many people going to the seaside and solars in order to get this things) and there are also people wanting a ligher skin in order to get rid of all their problems and trying to feel good about themselves. One way to darker your skin is to literaly burn it (you can burn your skin easily if you go to the seaside and stay in the sun to much, but be carefu what you wish and do not have any more problems in the future because of this things – sun burn is also a complicated matter and you could have problems because of it, problems you may not really want for yourself).

   You also have to know that cosmetic industry in Asia is very big and the women down there are willing to give a lot of money in order to get rid of their problems – if they have it, or not. You also may want to know that the women there have already a pale skin complexion and you may be wanting to know how’s that going to be in the reality – why they need to be whitening their skin more if they already have it whiten? Women with blemishes on their face may look unhealthy and poor, or not beautiful and because of that they try to make and be as most as beautiful as they could – it’s also known that the beautiful women and not the one who were sclaves, have a beautiful white skin, but the sclaves have a brown skin because they could not protect from the sun and they get that on their face. So, it’s your choice what you want to have, and because of the evolution in the cosmetics today you can change everything about this in a second or a couple of days. 

Cosmetic revolution and skin whitening

   Cosmetics is a very big thing in Asia for skin whitening, but not only there. All around the world people want to look more beautiful (according to the society rules or not) and because of that they tend to spent a lot of money on this market, rather than eating or going traveling or something like this.

Here are a couple of ways, things, you may be using in order to realize how you could really whiten your skin and don’t have more problems in the future – melatonin is the thing responsible for the skin color and tan and it’s there to prevent cancer and other things that could happen to your face. There are treatments who can get rid of this, but you should be careful not to have any more problems because of getting rid of melatonin and the fact is there to protect you, not just give you the color and other stuff for your skin, stuff you need or not.

A couple of things you could do in order to whiten your skin, are going to be this one:

  1. you could try to use some lemon juice and stuff like this – there are a lot of things you could mix it, like brown sugar and stuff like this, this are very good and most of the people use, altough there are people who say that this is just a temporary but not so good treatment. I’ll try to be careful with the acid, because it’s well known that the acid (it does not matter whatever it comes from lime and other stuff), it’s not good for your face and you could easily enlarge your pores because of this issue – so, see a doctor and tell him what are you using, in order not to get into bigger problems, problems that you can’t handle btw.
  2. using skin whitening you could also get rid of freckles and other nasty stuff from your face, things that could show up your age and are not going to look good on your face.
  3. lemons – there are a lot of natural remedies using lemon, like a paste and stuff like it, that are use to tone and get your whitening as you want it – sun burning is causing your skin to be dark and you have to be sure you protect yourself from the sun, not going to have more problems because of it and other nasty stuff – if you want a bright and white skin, protect youself from the sun, as much as possible because the sun is just going to make your skin darker and darker and you do not want that for real.

    Also, some people may use this thing, not only to whiten their skin, but get rid of unwanted spots on their skin and things that they don’t really want to be there, as I’ve been saying, freckles and other stuff. So, protect yourself from the sun, try some regular and “grandma fashion products” and then see a doctor to get some real cosmetics to do what you really want with your face – take care!


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