Helpful Sunless Tanning Tips

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There is something to be said for a golden tan, but spending hours tanning under the blazing sun or in a tanning bed is more of a skin-cancer risk than it is a fine tanning option. For a few measly bucks, you could have a glorious tan without any harmful risks.

How do sunless tanning lotions work?

Tanning lotions work by dying our skin with a summer time hue. With a store-bought tan and bronzer, you can start out golden, and any incidental color you happen to pick up in the course of your summer is just natural.

How to apply a believable sunless tan:

Decide how deep of a tan you want, and plan how much of your body you want tanned. Trouble spots include the neck, and the clavicle area. . Decide how you want your feet to look: you don’t want a tan that ends in a pair of white ankles! The same with your hands. In general, tanning your face should be avoided because you often get that naturally if you’re outside during the summer months and if you wear make up. Also, the face has thicker skin in some areas and you don’t want your skin to appear rough and discolored.

Start with freshly shaven legs so the lotion will go on smoothly, and apply it as evenly as you can. Make sure you massage the lotion into every area to avoid any streaking and uneven color. This might take a few times to master. And remember, if you want a darker tan, just allow the first coat to dry, and then apply more. Make sure to wear clothing that you do not care if stained, while the lotion dries. Or, better yet, just dry naked if possible.

If you notice that your tan looks orange, it could be because you didn’t want to spend a lot on your tan. I have found that the more expensive (not horribly expensive) tanning lotions give you a more natural looking tan.


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