Few important steps to weight loss cure

So you want to loose weight and are now trying to find the miracle weight loss cure?  Good decision – but false premise!

Weight Loss cure

There are no miracle weight loss diets, not miracle weight loss cures, no miracles – full stop.  OK, now that you have lost your illusions about a miracle, let me tell you: Loosing weight is possible, and it’s not as difficult as you may think!

A few important steps to keep in mind when wanting to lose weight:

It really does not matter all that much what weight loss cure you decide to follow, as long as it contains a few vital elements that are important to protect your health whilst you drop the pounds:

1. Don’t stop eating.
2. Drink lot’s of water.
3. Exercise regularly.
4. Exchange old bad habits against good new habits.
5. Don’t do ‘crash’ diets.

If your cure prescribes all these four elements, then you’re OK and on the best way to reach your desired final weight.

One final word: If you are looking for a fast weight loss, be aware that a quick weight loss might lead to the jo-jo effect and you risk weighing more after the cure…. – So do it one pound at the time, a few pounds (max 5!) per week. Like this they’ll stay off.


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