Brazilian Style Waxing

waxBrazilian Waxing became the rage when swimsuits and bikinis were designed to show a lot of skin around the pubic areas. Brazilian waxing was first introduced in New York by seven Brazilian sisters. The specialty was that the pubic hair growth was removed entirely or only a neat strip of hair or a small moustache of designed hair growth was left on the pubic area. The average operation costs $50 and the effects can last anywhere from about two to eight weeks.

The sudden surge in the popularity of Brazilian Waxing in the pubic area was that many customers thought it to be a safe option for the pubic area. Those who did not like the itchiness and rashes caused after shaving had turned to waxing as a method of hair removal. Brazilian waxing was preferred to traditional waxing because the wax used for traditional waxing contained chemicals that could irritate the sensitive skin in the pubic area. Brazilian waxing could be done at home but when performed by a professional, the results were better. Many customers were apprehensive about waxing with chemical wax on the sensitive genital area, therefore were very happy to learn about this new type of wax.

The wax used for Brazilian Waxing consists of beeswax and tall oil that is natural and safer for the skin. The one downside of Brazilian waxing is that it is a painful treatment and side effects like ingrown hairs and red bumps could occur. Other hair removal methods have been developed that have somewhat replaced waxing as the best method for hair removal, but for those on a strict budget, waxing is a great way to remove unwanted hair and have it stay gone for a long period of time. Brazilian Waxing is a great way to enjoy smooth, hair free skin that lasts.


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