Why do some teenagers gain weight easily

We face different problems and challenges in various stages of our lives. Be it changes caused by internal and external factors, one’s constitution, age, lifestyle and diet, we are subject to an onslaught of skin, hair and weight issues.

Teenagers usually have to contend with acne problems, and male working professionals may experience per-mature balding due to stress, On the other hand, expectant mothers have to combat post-natal obesity while menopausal women and menopausal men need to face up to skin aging due, of hormonal changes.

When faced with such, annoying issues, many people usually lack the proper knowledge and do not seek professional treatment. Instead they resort to folk prescriptions and thereby worsening the problems. So let the professionals shares with you the secret to staying beautiful!

During their teenage formative year’s, young people usually have a very healthy appetite.

But if they consume too much food which is high in energy and yet hardly exercise, the excess energy will then turn into fats, causing weight problems. Teenagers typically like to take fast food and soft drinks and hardly practice

Control over what they eat. The point to bear in mind is, most teenagers with weight issues will continue to stay fat and they have to face the threat of cardiovascular diseases in their adulthood. According to a survey, over 50% of teenagers with weight problems will die of weight-related illnesses when they become older.

Muscle formation is weaker in women: As such,it’s hard for women to bum fats through exercise:


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