Turn You Bum into an Asset

Big butt, no butt, droopy butt?

The list goes on. Well, we’ve got news for you. Your butt happens to consist of several muscles – mainly the glutenous maximums, glutenous medias and glutenous minimums. And where there are muscles, there is a chance to shape them up.

Ironically, you can’t count on walking and running for some rear control. That’s because the complete range of motion of your hip joint – from a fully flexed to a fully extended position – covers an arc of up to 165 degrees. Running and walking don’t cover that range. Furthermore, to develop your butt muscles, you need exercises that apply strenuous resistance throughout this full range of motion. To help you zero in on the specific problems for your butt type, to create these butt-sculpting exercises.


* CAUSES: Genetics, and too much fat deposit in the region.* BUTT CURE: You need to trim as much fat as possible through proper diet and exercise. Turn up the calorie sizzle without adding bulk by training on an elliptical trainer, for instance. When weight training, use high reps of 15 to 20 to avoid increasing muscle size.

* EXERCISES: Floor get-up (beginner); butt lift-and-hold (advanced).


* CAUSES: A person with a flat butt has insufficient muscle volume in the area.* BUTT CURE: Building muscles in your derriere is the best fix. For best results, do reps in the range of 10 to 15 for 2 to 3 sets each.

* EXERCISES: Cross-legged squat (beginner); wall squat and one-legged dead lift (advanced).


* CAUSES: When poor skin elasticity (from aging) fails to hold up the excess fat (from a sedentary lifestyle), a saggy bottom is what you get.* BUTT CURE: First, reduce fat through proper cardiac workouts and diet; second, use butt-tightening exercises to firm up muscles and improve skin elasticity. Stick to high reps of 15 to 20. Light weights and static contraction work best for this problem.

* EXERCISES: Floor get-up and cross-legged squat (beginner); wall squat (advanced).



* CAUSES: Wide hipbone and fat deposits on the sides are to blame.* BUTT CURE: Lose fat through exercise and proper diet to reduce the overall hip size. Then build muscles in the upper body to create a proportionate look. High reps of 15 to 20 are suggested.

* EXERCISES: Off-set squat (beginner); wall squat (advanced).


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