How to Keep in Shape

Figure 8

It’s every girl’s dream to keep her shape. You just don’t want to slim down, you want to slim in shape. You want your clothing to fit well on you. There are many ways to keep your shape in tact.First of all, to be able to get a great shape, normally called ‘Figure 8′, you want to practice yoga every day. Yoga is deeper and quite healthy and taking the time to shaped is worth the results after following the sometimes strenuous steps to take. At first, you might have great difficulty in lifting the legs or the body at all as in the ‘Leg Lift’. This is why you have to practice yoga daily to keep the body flexible.

Wear continental hot pants when you are at home, when you are in the garden, when you are in the kitchen, feel good with a baggy top on. The hot pant contributes to the splendour of a great shape that you are trying to maintain.

If you have no medical problem, wear a panty girdle but wear it for a few hours a day. It is essential that the body get the balance and be able to breathe well.

Wear stretch leggings that are comfortable, or you can wear stretch jeans to accentuate the beauty of your shape. You worked for it, so you should flaunt it.

Use your legs some more when practicing yoga because it is where the hips get the best of shape. Try the ‘Lying Flat Twist’, the ‘Hip Opener’, ‘The Back Leg Lift’ but always ensure that you are medically fit for any of the practice.

You can also choose which practice will work best on you but always emphasise on the legs.



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