How to Care for the Nipples


The nipples are very sensitive and because they are, does not necessarily mean that you want them to stop.The nipples is where the breastfeeding begins, it is also where your partner can lay on.

But how do you keep the nipples fresh and firm?

First, use exfoliating scrub once a week. The Spa Sanctuary has variety to choose from. To have the nipples clean from every little tiny dirt, you can begin by exfoliating. Use an exfoliating scrub with a massage sponge and gently scrub through. Rinse or wash the nipples and feel the silk feeling on your hands

Next, you want to use Bio-Oil to nourish and keep the nipples from itching. This makes for comfortable breast feeding although you should wait a few minutes before feeding after use.

Next, you want to take special care in using a massage sponge to scrub the nipples with exfoliating soap at least once a day.

Before breastfeeding, always wipe the nipples with soaked cotton in Milton. Milton is sometimes recommended in water for drinking. Make sure you have given a few minutes first before feeding.

Always check with your therapist or doctor to ensure that you have no allergy to any treatment that may be recommended.


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