Black Eyes and Other Common Bruises

Falling or being hit can lead to bruises, which indicate bleeding and damage to the tissues below the skin. We have all seen or experienced red or black-and-blue discoloring of skin, as well as swelling and pain. The good news is that most bruises heal on their own, but a little first aid can speed up the process.
To reduce pain and swelling, apply a cold compress to the bruised area within 15 minutes of injury. The compress can be a plastic bag of ice cubes wrapped in a damp cloth, a package of frozen vegetables or simply a cold, damp cloth
Using only moderate pressure, apply the cold compress for 10 to 30 minutes. Take it off and leave it off for 30 to 45 minutes. Repeat this on-and-off sequence several times over the next three days.
If the bruise is on an arm or a leg, rest the limb for one to three days
Elevate the bruised area, to reduce fluid build-up and swelling
Call your doctor for advice if:

The bruise doesn’t fade or go away after 14 days
Signs of infection appear (increased pain, swelling, redness, pus or unexplained fever)
Vision problems accompany a black eye; it may indicate eye damage
A bruise shows up for no apparent reason; this could signal another medical condition

Bruise mark treatment
Bleeding into the skin
When Does a Cut Need Stitches?
Bruise mark treatment

Is there a way to reduce black-and-blue bruises caused by trauma to an area of the body?

Apply ice packs to the injured area immediately after the injury for the first day, followed by heat packs on subsequent days.

When Does a Cut Need Stitches?
A cut can be intimidating, especially if there is a lot of blood. Do your best to stay calm.

Wash the area and pinch the sides of the cut together. If you think the cut needs stitches, apply antibacterial ointment and seek treatment.

You are likely to need stitches if a cut:

is one-quarter inch or more deep
has ragged or gaping edges
is located in an area where you are concerned about scarring such as your face, the palm of your hand, a joint, eyelid or lip
is still bleeding strongly after 15 minutes of direct pressure
is so deep that bone or muscle has been revealed
The goal of stitches is to reduce infection, which can interfere with healing and lead to scarring. In general, wounds that need stitches must be treated within six hours of injury. If you think your cut is serious, see your doctor or seek emergency treatment immediately.


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