Be good to yourself

You don’t have to solar panel your house to curb pollution and global warming. You don’t even need to eat expensive air-flown organic veggies or fruits. Just attempt any one of the following and persist and you will be contributing much to preserve the Earth:

1. Try a low-flow showerhead – new models use half the water of a standard one

2. Take quick showers – A bath uses 230 to 300 litter; a 5-minute shower 45 to 113. Turn off faucet while you shave and save up to 45 liters of water

3. Come clean – recycle body wash bottles or use bar soap. If every household did so, we’d keep up to 2.5million pounds of plastic out of landfills

4. Bulk up – Buy economic-size bottles of shampoo, conditioner, washing detergent, anything. Refill smaller bottles for everyday use so you buy less plastic

5. Go organic – as much as you can afford or help it. It is worth it. The veggies and fruits are sweeter!

6. Bleach no more – Don’t bleach your white clothes. Soak them in bicarbonate of soda and squirt white vinegar around toilet bowl rim and leave it for 15mins before flushing. Very effective and no harmful fumes to take in. Cheap and good.

7. Waste not – Unplug electric tools whne not in use. ANd air-dry hair if possible coz hair dryers are a huge energy drain. A daily 10-minute blow-dry can send 11 pounds of carbon dioxide into the air in a year. And we wonder why there is a hole up there.

8. Buy from companies who support eco causes – LancĂ´me teams up with wgich supports carbon-reducing projects. Paul Mitchell funds tree planting in American Forests (big country, good. so more trees can be planted). Arvada and Tom of Maine (available at Four Seasons and Brown Rice Paradise in Tanglin Mall) give to clean water charities. Tom of Maine has a range of the sweetest smelling anti-per spirant that does not contain aluminum like the ones in the market. Their Lavender, Lemon Grass and Rose very yummy! All made from god grade essential oils and beeswax

9. Use your head – Ask your colorist to do foils with recycled foil instead of virgin aluminum


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