10 Ways to Stay in Love

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1. Learn the habits of your love and brighten them positively in ways that will be cherished.2. Give your last cake because you can bake some more.3. Go shopping together when you can

4. Teach each other things that you have learns.

5. Don’t just laugh together about a weakness, work together on ways to improve on such.

6. Encourage good hygiene that will increase cleanliness and easy breathing.

7. Take turns in sharing the front, the first place in places that count and make sense.

8. Talk about the pain in you, the bitterness inside of you and learn to work together to heal each other. This may be done by exorcising.

9. Share your love with your friends and family so that they can share theirs and you can be inspired from them.

10. Always let your love know all that you are doing, what you want to do. Communication is the lifeblood of every potential relationship.


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