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Natural Laxatives – Scams Or Not?

Natural Laxatives

If you take a look on the internet, you will quickly notice the fact that there are many natural laxatives that are recommended by different individuals. Many of them are great but in some situations we are just talking about some sort of product that is sold for a profit. While there are dozens of things that we can mention, the natural laxatives that we mention below are quite common and have to be considered. Continue reading Natural Laxatives – Scams Or Not?

Get Rid Of Acne By Skin Cleanser

How to get rid of acne has been a question most of us have been trying to answer for longer than we like to admit. Most of us have dealt with pimples as a teenager and have come to find ourselves dealing with adult acne as well. Does it ever end!!

The answer is YES! There is a finally a solution to your acne problems.

Acne Solution System & Skin Cleanser

You don’t have to suffer from acne anymore!

There is a way to a blemish-free skin!

Did you know that 70% of 16 to 20 year olds are having problems with acne. And many of us, me included are fighting this battle into our late twenties and Continue reading Get Rid Of Acne By Skin Cleanser

Types Of Acne

The information below contains a brief summary of definitions of words that are used to describe different types of acne. Before going through the list, it is important to shed light on the meaning of the word ‘lesion’ as it is commonly used in describing acne.


A ‘lesion’ is tissue which has been structurally changed due to disease or injury and usually occurs as, or includes a: fissure, wound, or other break in the tissue. To be more specific, an acne lesion is a physical change in the skin which has been caused by an infection in the sebaceous follicle. Continue reading Types Of Acne

Tips for Healthy Skin

Skin Aging Factors IntroductionSkin Aging Factors

Most people complain about misuse of medication such as skin care creams or skin care lotions and natural traits when they find that their skin, especially those on the face are aging faster than others. These reasons can be valid but skin aging is normally being affected by our own day to day routine and our own lifestyle, which some crucial factors in it will cause accelerated skin aging.

Most people, especially women, want to seek a fast way out when facing with skin aging problems. They will start to enroll into different anti-aging skin care programs. They do not care what methods will be used to improve their skin condition and they just want fast results. This is an extremely risky move as such skin care programs may be harming your skin rather than improving your skin conditions. Continue reading Tips for Healthy Skin

Hamamelis the All Purpose Beauty

A new look at an old product.

Witch hazel has been around for ever it seems. But what do we really know about? Its botanical name is Hamamelis. It is native to North America and parts of hazel extract1Asia. The genus is so small that it only includes four varieties of this tree/shrub. Nicknames for the tree include Winter Bloom and Epiphany Tree because it blooms in late fall and into winter many times in December. Another nickname is Snapping Hazel. When the seed pods ripen they literally snap open throwing the seed a great distance from the host tree. A rare occurance happens with this tree, not only will you find flowers on it but at the same time you will find seed pods and new leaves for the next season of growth. It is likened to baking soda in the health and beauty aide world because it is a general purpose product and has many uses.


When the bark or leaves are boiled in water you get a witch hazel extract that is used in many health and beauty products. The active ingredient is a tannin acid derivative called catechol tannin much like the tannins found in tea. Tannins are known for shrinking cappillaries and venules below the skin surface.

Its uses are many including archery bows, ornamental garden shrub/trees and beauty and health aides. You may be using witch hazel and not even know it. Its extract is added to many oinments such as Preperation H. and other hemorroid products. Below is a list of other uses for Witch Hazel. Continue reading Hamamelis the All Purpose Beauty

Guru watch: Aleta St. James, emotional healer

Celebs, fashionistas, and Wall Street warriors alike flock to St. James for her very personal blending of healing therapy. Saffron Caulder tunes in.  

COMPANY: Energy Transformations

CLIENTS: Carolyn Murphy, Taylor Dane, Todd Oldham, Wall Street mega-moguls . . .. Recently officiated at Murphy’s barefoot wedding in Costa Rica.

HISTORY: A self-proclaimed intuitive, St. James started her career as an actor (the female lead in the Dutch production of Hair) but made a hobby out of studying alternative methods of healing; soon she was healing her famous friends more than she was acting. Interestingly enough, she’s also vice president of the Guardian Angels—she’s the older sister of founder Curtis Sliwa. Continue reading Guru watch: Aleta St. James, emotional healer

New help for headaches

Alternative treatments do help some sufferers, finds Jennifer Zabel.

At age 24, administrative assistant Mary Ellen Crowley got her first migraine — the same year she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Now, almost a decade later, Crowley has a severe migraine once a week and says without hesitation, “My headaches have changed my life much more than my MS.”

“No one understands what I’m going through. It’s like the most severe toothache in my brain. I can’t function. I’m completely disabled,” says Crowley, who heads a support group in Philadelphia (90% of its members are unable to work because of the severity of their pain). Crowley only recently returned after a two-year hiatus. One man has been on disability for 20 years. Another member is so sensitive to light that she has to wear sunglasses and a visor, even at night, to ward off her next headache.

More than 45 million Americans suffer from chronic headaches, and like Crowley, many are willing to try anything to have one day without pain. Miami-based psychotherapist, Joe West, has treated nearly 3,000 headache patients and acknowledges that there is no magic cure for headaches. To manage pain, he augments traditional Western medicine with what he calls “complementary medicine.” “I don’t like the term ‘alternative medicine’ because it has a negative connotation,” he says. “We’re using research-based, scientifically proven treatments.”


Biofeedback is one of West’s primary tools. The treatment involves teaching patients how to listen to signals from their own bodies to relax tense muscles and to gain control of pain. “In about 12 sessions, a patient can learn to minimize the frequency, intensity and duration of the headache,” says West, who supplements behavioral treatments with a variety of prescription medications (like Zoloft, Imitrex, and Rizatriptan) but warns against excessive use of analgesics, like aspirin or Tylenol. “What you’re taking to prevent a headache can actually end up triggering one, because your body grows dependent on the drug to function normally,” he says.


Leading reflexologist Dwight Byers, of St. Petersburg, FL, agrees. “Pills can mask the real cause of the headache, making effective treatment nearly impossible,” says Byers, who believes reflexology alone can effectively reduce pain. By alternating pressure on various parts of the feet — the reflexes of the feet mirror all of the organs, glands and parts of the body — Byers claims to relieve the headaches of many sufferers, both before and during an attack. “At the very least, reflexology takes the edge off pain,” he says.


Another approach is acupuncture — the insertion of thin needles into specific points on the body to stimulate the flow of natural healing energy — but the medical community is still debating its efficacy. Richard Bachrach, a doctor of osteopathy in New York City, has had success, but never treats patients in the middle of a migraine. “Generally, accupuncture will intensify a migraine already in progress,” he says. “But it works wonders in preventing headaches because accupuncture relieves stress.” Indeed, the American Council for Headache Education (ACHE) identifies stress as a leading cause of all types of headaches.

Aromatherapy and Massage

“Controlling stress is key in preventing headaches,” concurs Cheryl McKereghan, Spa Director at Aveda’s trendy SoHo salon and spa. “There’s nothing better than lavender or peppermint oil to reduce neck tension — the result of stress and a common source of headache pain.” McKereghan suggests diluting either oil with a carrier oil (like sweet almond oil or jojoba oil), then inhaling the vapors with a series of deep, cleansing breaths. Or, rub the oil (peppermint may irritate sensitive skin) directly on the temples while massaging the pressure point between the thumb and index finger.

Sleep Makeover

Everyone wants more energy—and the best way to get it is through a better night’s sleep.  

As the workweek lengthens (tell us about it: we work at an Internet startup!), financial markets threaten to stay open all night like grocery stores, and the baby-having trend intensifies, everyone’s a bit groggy. But all the algae juice, energy powders, and energy channeling in the world can’t make up for a good night’s sleep. There’s no way around it. So give it up:

  • Go to bed at the same time every night.
  • Wake up at the same time every morning.

A snooze button is your worst enem y—the sleep you get in between the beeps isn’t the good, deep sleep you need, and the snooze completely throws off the whole, very crucial ‘wake up at the same time every morning’ rule. Continue reading Sleep Makeover

Ask The Expert

Become a member so you can ask beautyscene’s experts questions on everything from hair to diet (you’re welcome to read questions and answers if you are not a member, but you do need to register to ask them yourself.)

If you have a question about specific product ingredients or benefits, ask our product matcher for assistance.

Q: Is there anything I can buy over-the-counter that really minimizes or erases fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes? Continue reading Ask The Expert

Make-up for first timers?

Q: Make-up for first timers?
I’m turning 40 this year and have never worn make-up. What colors complement dark brown hair, blue eyes and skin with yellow undertones?

A: If you have never worn make-up, why suddenly start now? My advice would be to keep it simple and subtle. Focus on putting some bloom back into your skin and opening up the eyes. Start with applying concealer underneath your eyes to diminish any darker areas. Valerie Beverly Hills makes a great dual toned concealer called Hocus Pocus. Make sure your concealer exactly matches the tone of your facial skin.
Continue reading Make-up for first timers?


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